Leading Stars School Boudhanath

Current situation

Kathmandu offers only some Montessori preschools and schools, which differ very much in quality. We are support the Leading Stars School Boudhanath, which follows the Montessori pedagogic and wants to provide high-quality education for children from needy families. 

This high-quality education is free from any ideology and serves the encompassing development of the children. The Montessori pedagogic facilitates that children may be helped very individually and that they are able to develop along their very own construction plan in a prepared environment.

Project planning

One focal point of Montessori pedagogic is the special learning and development materials, which serve as the “key to the world” for the children. We want to create a learning environment in which the children learn to build up their personality, to take over responsibility and to work in a scientific manner. 

The Himalayan Care Foundation champions the buying of this development material. Furthermore, it is crucial for us, that child sponsorships are available to enable very poor children to attend the Leading Stars School.

Financing needs

You can help us in two ways in meeting our financing needs: By taking over a child sponsorhip to allow children from poor families to visit the school and by taking over a project sponsorship to allow for the purchase of learning materials, for maintenance of the school and coverage of running charges.


You can help!

Be it as member of our association, with a unique donation or a continuous child sponsorship: You can help to shape the future.

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Himalaya Care Foundation

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